Centricut manufacture nozzles for all major CO2 laser cutting systems.

With continuous updates to their product offering, we are able to provide the latest products and innovations to customers:

  • Hypertherm Manufacturing quality
  • Guaranteed OEM compatibility
  • Extensive product lines
  • Ceramics and nozzle holders

Hypertherm Consumables.

Accustream produce replacement parts for pumps, cutting heads, abrasive delivery systems and high pressure plumbing and tubing for:

  • Flow
  • KMT
  • Omax
  • WJV
  • Jet Edge
  • Accustream

Ophir’s CO2 Optics Division offers a full range of CO2 Laser Optics and CO2 laser spare parts for High power CO2 lasers

The replacement laser optics and components includes: focusing lenses, beam-delivery laser mirrors, silicon (Si) mirrors and copper (Cu) Mirrors and cavity optics, output couplers (partial reflectors), rear mirrors (Ge, GaAs) and total reflectors windows and optics maintenance tools.

Ophir delivers OEM-approved optics for fiber and disc lasers. The 1 micron optics properties include ultra-low absorption (<50 ppm at 1.03-1.07 microns), a focal length tolerance of ±0.5% and a laser-damage threshold of >10J. Ophir supply fiber lenses and protective windows as well as high reflection windows for the 1.03-1.07 wavelength.